DIESELMEETING saturday 7 and sunday 8 SEPTEMBER 2019



TRUCKDOUCHE NIEUWMOER is proud to announce their fourth SUPER BRUT DIESEL MEETING 2019.


In collaboration with some narrow partners and subcontractors, self-employed drivers and volunteers, on saturday 7 and sunday 8 september 2019 we organize a festival for truck-fanatics, for those who love special show-trucks, accessories, and specialties of transport.


For drivers who want to bring their trailer: there is no space foreseen at the festival ground. There's a special trailer parking in an industrial estate nearby.


The net revenue from SUPER BRUT DIESEL MEETING 2019 goes to a construction project of CHIRO SLOEPI, the youth movement of Nieuwmoer (see also


So everybody is welcome on the 7th and 8th of September 2019.

Your visit will surely be worth it !

300 trucks from Benelux and abroad

Wash your truck at  TRUCKDOUCHE

Accessories, and specialties of transport.

Election of 10 most beautiful trucks

Eyecatchers, showtrucks

Various drinks and dining options

Net revenue for charity


Trucks from Benelux and abroad


Election of 10 most beautiful trucks


Net revenue for charity


Chiro Sloepi

Youth movement Chiro Sloepi has been in Nieuwmoer for almost 60 years. The Chiro is therefore strongly anchored within the village. Hundreds of residents have been members over the years, and have a warm heart for it.

In 2019, Chiro Sloepi has around 110 members. Every Sunday, children from 6 to 16 years old find their way to the chiro-grounds behind primary school De Maatjes.

Under the inspired guidance of enthusiastic young guys and girls, they play crazy games, build camps, craft the most beautiful creations or go on a journey together. A super cool camp in August is the highlight and a wonderful end to every chiro season.

Chiro is really super fun! Certainly, but it's also more than playing games: Chiro is also about transferring values: justice, togetherness, equality, solidarity ...

Chiro encourages young people to get involved in their neighborhood, to make them grow up to be committed and socially critical young people.

All that playing demanded a lot from the old classrooms. And although there has always been an enthusiastic group of volunteers ready to carry out the necessary maintenance, they have now come to the point that the chiro buildings really need replacing.

Concerned parents and sympathizers established the not-for-profit organization Sloebar.

In the meantime, the plans for the new construction and planning application have been approved by the municipality of Kalmthout.

De Chiro can look forward to a robust, high-quality, fire-safe, accessible and sustainable new building.

However, there is a large price tag attached to that new building: around 450,000 euros.

The municipality of Kalmthout supports the project and is responsible for a large part of the costs.

The foundation works will start in May 2019, and if everything goes according to plan, we can festively open the new premises in the spring of 2020.

All help is very welcome. With the support of dozens of sponsors and hundreds of sympathizers, they will try to make this project a great success!


A weekend full of trucks and fun

A Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 September 2019 fully filled with 300 trucks and fun. Be seduced by showtrucks and visit the driver's market for the latest innovations in the trucking world. For the hungry, there are plenty of eateries available.

  • Zaterdag 7 september 2019


    10h00 to 14h00:

    Arrival of participants at Super Brut Diesel Meeting 2018


    14h00 to 20h00: Super Brut 2019: everyone welcome


    20h00: evening program

  • Zondag 8 september 2019


    08h00 to 10h00:

    Breakfast for participants


    10h00 to 18h00:

    Super Brut 2019: Everyone welcome


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The organizers of SUPERBRUT 2019


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Our partners

Thanks to all our partners


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 Plan Location: Magermans Heide 11, Kalmthout

Magermanse Heide 11,

2920 Kalmthout (Nieuwmoer)

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Magermanse Heide 11,

2920 Kalmthout (Nieuwmoer)

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For more pictures pleace visite our Facebookpage

Magermanse Heide 11,

2920 Kalmthout (Nieuwmoer)

For more pictures pleace visite our Facebookpage
For more pictures pleace visite our Facebookpage
For more pictures pleace visite our Facebookpage
For more pictures pleace visite our Facebookpage
For more pictures pleace visite our Facebookpage