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A subscription for Super Brut Diesel Meeting 2018 costs 25 € per truck (including 1 breakfast).

If you bring a co-driver, then 10 € will be added.

You can order breakfast vouchers in advance at 7.5 € per breakfast.


On this page you can register your pre-registration. As soon as your pre-registration has been submitted, you will receive an email from the organization, the rules of the event, and an invitation to deposit the registration fee.


CAUTION: Because up to 300 Trucks are allowed, the number of pre-registrations will be higher than the number of authorized trucks. You will receive an e-mail after the pre-registration, which will be requested to mail a picture of the vehicle.

Only after your final commitment from the organization can you come to Super Brut Diesel Meeting with your truck.


After submission and receipt of your registration fee, you will be sent a personal and unique registration number, and some practical information.


No commitment with registration number = no access!!


The registration numbers are issued on license plate and are not exchangeable.


Only trucks with a valid registration number on the correct license plate will be allowed on the site. Only fully completed pre-registrations will qualify for participation at Super Brut Diesel Meeting 2019.


In view of the numerous applications we received in the meanwhile, it is advisable to subscribe to you on time.

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